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Hello World!

Flakeparadigm – I’m a Software Engineer that spends his time admiring the world we live in. We all have the exciting opportunity to participate in global and local communities, working together to solve the problems we face by building upon each other’s unique experiences.

Welcome Back!

After almost four years’ hiatus, I have finally returned to hosting a blog on my website! Major posts from TanCom, Intrapanotech, and the Nienhouse blog are all here, so you can go back and read your favorites! (It’s okay if you don’t know any of them.) I plan to keep this site up to date for the foreseeable future as … Read More

Joanne Vs. Nienhouse

In order to make sure I don’t get bored this summer, I’ve started a blog with a friend of mine. Joanne VS. Nienhouse. It is mainly a hub for all of our humorous musings and a sort of battle between myself and Joanne. It will prove to be interesting, I’m sure!

It’s Summer Time!

Running & Swinging with Fire, a photo by alexkess on Flickr. It’s been just about a year since I’ve posted anything. I tell ya, it’s been a crazy year. Starting today, however, things are going to be a lot better – time to focus on what I love most – computer stuff. Be expecting more stuff from me here, and … Read More

The Karmic Updates

Since the new version of Ubuntu is extremely different, I will be reposting two of the biggest posts on here – Gateway T-6345U and Ubuntu Jaunty and Fix Ubuntu 9.04 ATI Driver Issue Work on both of these begins today, and will extend through next week. The Gateway T-6345U article will the be the first out because it will be … Read More

School is back in session

It is once again that time of year! School in my area is starting back up so I’m stuck in classes for most of the day, and the rest of it is spend for either band (yay!), church (yay!), or homework (not-so-yay!). Because of school, I won’t be able to post much so I HOPE to post once a month … Read More

A Week in Georgia

I’m spending this week in Georgia with Jake Wasdin, the one who I started TanCom with about 5 years ago. This week we will be atempting several projects, like setting up a Wii Remote as your mouse in Ubuntu 9.04  and other exciting things! Be prepared for a bunch of new posts.

Switched over to WordPress

I have switched TanCom over to WordPress so that I can concentrate more on the content for now. I’m working on a design, and I’ll try to get that up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

TanCom is created!

This website started as TanCom back in August 2004 as a simple archive of things Jake and I found across the web.