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Project: Veranda at Ventana

Veranda at Ventana is a condominium community near the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona, for whom I’ve just completed designing and building a website. Due to my study abroad plans I had decided to stop accepting work in January; however when I was contacted about possibly working on this project something convinced me to go against that decision and give … Read More

Project: FlakeSnake

Super simple snake clone coded up over a few days’ free time. At the very least, it works! Mostly for keeping myself entertained and refreshing my Java programming which may have been a little unused for a few months. Plus casual coding never hurts! FlakeSnake on GitHub

Project: The Incremental Game

As a way to start on my Android app development skills, I’m creating an android version of a super simple Incremental Game! By super simple, I mean clicking the button increments the number. I’m building it using the Android Studio, and making the source code available on my GitHub. Feel free to check it out! (Plain Java version available as … Read More