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Rust: A Systems Programming Language with Modern Comforts

The following is the outline of a project I’ve recently completed about the Rust programming language. Overview Rust is a systems programming language designed for writing safe, concurrent, and fast applications.[1] Armed with a strong community, the development of the language is driven by the idea that not everything in Computer Science must be a trade-off.[2, 13:00] In its language design, … Read More

How to erase old emails from Junk/Trash folders, cPanel

Most solutions online show how to erase emails based on the date they were received. Usually this is based on either the modification time of the file or the sent/received dates in the email’s headers. Here’s how to erase email based on how long it as been in a particular location, effectively cloning the behavior of Gmail. The key here is … Read More

Stop Through Hawaii

I had the pleasure to stop by the island of Oahu, Hawaii on my way back to the US from Australia!

Trip to the Philippines

Check out the photos from my trip to the Philippines, where I visited the rich history of Intramuros, Manila, the breathtaking islands of El Nido, Palawan, and the funky formations in the Underground River in Puerto Princessa.

Trip to Sydney

I got to take a trip to Sydney to see all the exciting sights there are – the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the beaches, the zoo, and the Blue Mountains! It’s crazy to think that I’ve seen such an iconic place with my own eyes. The next video I plan to post will be about Brisbane, where I’m living. … Read More

Project: Veranda at Ventana

Veranda at Ventana is a condominium community near the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona, for whom I’ve just completed designing and building a website. Due to my study abroad plans I had decided to stop accepting work in January; however when I was contacted about possibly working on this project something convinced me to go against that decision and give … Read More

Project: FlakeSnake

Super simple snake clone coded up over a few days’ free time. At the very least, it works! Mostly for keeping myself entertained and refreshing my Java programming which may have been a little unused for a few months. Plus casual coding never hurts! FlakeSnake on GitHub

I have arrived in Australia!

Project: The Incremental Game

As a way to start on my Android app development skills, I’m creating an android version of a super simple Incremental Game! By super simple, I mean clicking the button increments the number. I’m building it using the Android Studio, and making the source code available on my GitHub. Feel free to check it out! (Plain Java version available as … Read More

Welcome Back!

After almost four years’ hiatus, I have finally returned to hosting a blog on my website! Major posts from TanCom, Intrapanotech, and the Nienhouse blog are all here, so you can go back and read your favorites! (It’s okay if you don’t know any of them.) I plan to keep this site up to date for the foreseeable future as … Read More