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Hello World!

Flakeparadigm – I’m a Software Engineer that spends his time admiring the world we live in. We all have the exciting opportunity to participate in global and local communities, working together to solve the problems we face by building upon each other’s unique experiences.

Reflecting a bit more often

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff, yet at the same time it feels like nothing. I think it’s because I’m not spending enough time reflecting on it and just forget. I’m going to set my goal to write a little bit every week, and you can follow along with how it goes either here or on the Fediverse: @[email protected]

Learnosity: Here’s one simple way we make your content more secure

I wrote a post for the Learnosity blog about all of our work to bring Two Factor Authentication to our content authoring app. It was a fun project learning about different tools available for 2FA and eventually using the Authy APIs in our PHP stack.

What’s that plane I hear? Telegram1090

Living near a busy airport – and especially directly under one of the major flight paths – means regularly dealing with the noise of planes taking off and landing. In attempt to overcome the frustration of having calls and Netflix binges interrupted every few minutes during the nice months of the year when the windows are open, I set out … Read More

Having fun at work: on-boarding bootcamp

I recently had the pleasure of joining the team at Learnosity, an education technology company focused on developing tools that help other companies author and administer interactive learning experiences and assessments. As part of the company’s on-boarding process, new hires spend the first week or two being brought up to speed on the various products and tools. This “bootcamp” is … Read More

Rust: A Systems Programming Language with Modern Comforts

The following is the outline of a project I’ve recently completed about the Rust programming language. Overview Rust is a systems programming language designed for writing safe, concurrent, and fast applications.[1] Armed with a strong community, the development of the language is driven by the idea that not everything in Computer Science must be a trade-off.[2, 13:00] In its language design, … Read More

How to erase old emails from Junk/Trash folders, cPanel

Most solutions online show how to erase emails based on the date they were received. Usually this is based on either the modification time of the file or the sent/received dates in the email’s headers. Here’s how to erase email based on how long it as been in a particular location, effectively cloning the behavior of Gmail. The key here is … Read More

Stop Through Hawaii

I had the pleasure to stop by the island of Oahu, Hawaii on my way back to the US from Australia!

Trip to the Philippines

Check out the photos from my trip to the Philippines, where I visited the rich history of Intramuros, Manila, the breathtaking islands of El Nido, Palawan, and the funky formations in the Underground River in Puerto Princessa.

Trip to Sydney

I got to take a trip to Sydney to see all the exciting sights there are – the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the beaches, the zoo, and the Blue Mountains! It’s crazy to think that I’ve seen such an iconic place with my own eyes. The next video I plan to post will be about Brisbane, where I’m living. … Read More