About Me


Hello there! I’m a computer science (programming) student that dabbles in web design and development. I love computers, people, and trying new things. This year I have the exciting opportunity to continue my studies in Australia. You can check out more about my trip below. In the future, this will also be the home of any projects I dream up.

A little bit of background: Back in the third grade, I met my friend Jake who basically got me into computers. Since then, I’ve learned a ton and have also moved to Arizona. Through the years, I have found that out of all of the computer subjects I’ve looked at, web design and development are still my absolute favorite. To date, I have taught myself everything I know about the subject, aside from general programming skills from comp. sci. courses, with the help of some friends, a bunch books, and a ton of great web sites.

Email: me@flakeparadigm.com
Twitter: @Flakeparadigm