Having fun at work: on-boarding bootcamp


I recently had the pleasure of joining the team at Learnosity, an education technology company focused on developing tools that help other companies author and administer interactive learning experiences and assessments.

As part of the company’s on-boarding process, new hires spend the first week or two being brought up to speed on the various products and tools. This “bootcamp” is mostly a series of presentations and general coding exercises, but also includes a creative project portion to be worked on between the other activities. The project requirement is fairly general – just show a high-level knowledge of how to implement and use the main products at the most basic level – giving great freedom to build some rather interesting creations when the time is available.

I was lucky to start with a larger-than-usual group of people (4) with diverse roles – development, testing, and design – giving us the bandwidth and breadth of experience to build something more elaborate than most single- or two-person bootcamp groups usually have time to produce. Between the presentations, we succeeded in building an interactive, multiplayer trivia game! Click through to the Learnosity Blog to read more about the end result.

How We Created A Game Using Learnosity’s APIs In Just Two Weeks

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