The Karmic Updates

Ubuntu Karmic
Ubuntu Karmic CD

Since the new version of Ubuntu is extremely different, I will be reposting two of the biggest posts on here –

Gateway T-6345U and Ubuntu Jaunty
Fix Ubuntu 9.04 ATI Driver Issue

Work on both of these begins today, and will extend through next week. The Gateway T-6345U article will the be the first out because it will be the simplest.

EDIT 11/09/09 – I have completed and posted the Gateway T-6345U Laptop Fixes, but because the laptop I used to discover the ATI Driver fix now has built in support, I can’t do anything with that. Sorry for all of those expecting help.

8 thoughts on “The Karmic Updates

  1. you’re saying that the fix for jaunty works for karmic on your laptop? which model has your laptop?

  2. Thanks, actually i’m fine with opensource drivers except vsnyc in videos.

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