Reflecting a bit more often


I’ve been doing a lot of stuff, yet at the same time it feels like nothing. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done with my time when I reflect back on it, but in day-to-day thought and conversation I end up forgetting everything I’ve been doing and then just end up saying “oh just work, eat, sleep is my life 😭” even though realistically speaking it isn’t.

My current hypothesis is that I don’t really spend enough time reflecting on what I’ve been up to, so it doesn’t stay fresh in my mind. Instead, when I finish my day I just loaf around the house and mindlessly scroll on my phone (or as I have recently seen it called online: “rubbing the glass”) until it’s time to sleep. So… I am going to set myself a goal.

My Goal

Every week I must set aside some time to do reflective writing.

I’ll set aside about 30-45min every week – probably on Monday nights when I’m most free – to write about what I was up to during the past week. I don’t expect myself to have a complete post done every week, but I do want to at least make some progress on a draft post or start working on a new one if I’ve started a new project.

Helping Myself

Probably the most important thing I can do to help myself with this is to make sure I’m not enforcing any artificial limits on myself – like trying to make sure posts are a certain length, or that my projects/ideas need to have a minimum size or level of polish. I just need to reflect and write.

And to help break from this mindset, I’m also trying out the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress so it feels a little less formal and a little more social.

You can follow my posts on the fediverse via @flakeparadigm

Let’s see how it goes!

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