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TIMPA.org Web Design

I just finished up the timpa.org web site – http://timpa.org/

Film Dump

Direct scans of my negatives. The only photoshop work was inverting from negatives and adjusting curves and levels to make the picture visible. More coming up, Just used a whole roll and am going to post them too.

Gateway T-6345U and Ubuntu Lucid

Well We are now around to Ubutu Lucid Lynx (10.04) and it looks like nothing has changed support wise, so to get the backlight to adjust, just add: [bash]nomodeset acpi_backlight=vendor[/bash] to the “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT” section, right after “quiet splash” and before the closing quotation mark. Now run [bash]sudo update-grub[/bash] and you will be good to go! Reboot and try out your … Read More

Still life

I have uploaded two still life photos from photography class.

A Desert Spring

I’ve uploaded several spring-time desert pictures to my Flickr! All the plants are blossoming after a wet winter! Go to Flakeparadigm’s Photostream

Rockets and Photo Assignments

I’ve uploaded an interesting combination of pictures from the SARA Desert Heat 2010, a 35mm film photo project, and the start of our animals photo project.

The Muttering City

Dedicated to you, Theodora. Quietly saying in an indistinct way An interpreter’s worst nightmare Spoken softly under ones breath Inaudibly stuttered phrases Ethay utteringmay itycay Strange sounds along the street Whispers echoing on buildings Floating up to the grey clouds above That make their own hushed tone Ethay utteringmay itycay Umbrellas mumbling to each other The quick gossip of shoes … Read More

Pinhole Pictures

  I just uploaded some pictures I took using a pinhole camera… ENJOY! 😀

Android 2.0.1 Sholes.info Edition 1.0-RC1!

(This requires SPRecovery 0.99.2b which I showed how to install thin the post about rooting and backing up your device. How to Root and Backup on your Droid) The people over at Sholes.info have been working extremely hard on putting together the big features of Android 2.1 for the Motorola Droids (Sholes) with Andrioid 2.1 installed. Their work has come … Read More

How to Root and Backup on your Droid

*Both Rooting and setting up the backup are potentially hazardous to your  Droid. You are responsible for everything that happens to your phone while following this tutorial, NOT ME. If you have problems while doing this, I may be able to help you if you email me at [email protected] or PM me on Freenode IRC network (nick: Flakeparadigm). ONLY continue … Read More