Android 2.0.1 Edition 1.0-RC1!


(This requires SPRecovery 0.99.2b which I showed how to install thin the post about rooting and backing up your device. How to Root and Backup on your Droid)

The people over at have been working extremely hard on putting together the big features of Android 2.1 for the Motorola Droids (Sholes) with Andrioid 2.1 installed. Their work has come far and here is the result:

Introducing the brand spankin’ all-new ROM 1.0-RC1!!!

This combines the effort of all members including Berzerker, Birdman, and SirPsychoS. It’s been a few days in the works with existing ROM features + adding/upgrading other things in order to complete what our view was to be when it would be completed. This is the outcome, and we have to say, we’re pretty pleased with what we’ve come up with.

What is included in this ROM:

  • OPTIMIZATION (all APKs and JARs in /system are fully optimized, to provide vast speed improvements)
  • 2.1 Keyboard which includes Voice Dictation (ported by Berzerker)
  • 2.1 Gallery app (credit to [mbm])
  • 2.1 Music app (credit to jinx10000)
  • 2.1 Clock app (replaces AlarmClock and the Multimedia Dock) (credit to jinx10000)
  • 2.1 News/Weather Widget
  • 2.1 Launcher (v1.1a (adds stability fixes)) (credit to xeudoxus)
  • 2.0.1 Launcher (v1.1a (slightly smaller and includes auto-rotate w/ keyboard closed)) (credit to xeudoxus)
  • Multi-Touch Browser (reverted back to stable lib file to remove bugs) (credit to t3hSteve)
  • Brightness hack (includes app to edit brightness levels (credit to xeudous and jinx10000)
  • YouTube HQ default hack
  • Swype Keyboard
  • WiFi-Tethering (additional setup required, instructions provided)
  • Ability to remove potentially unwanted apps.

How to install:

(Note: DO NOT ATTEMPT to restore the .rom.tgz using backup/restore, you will fail/brick your phone)

(Note: This update REQUIRES (not “maybe I can get away with it”. ***REQUIRES***) sprecovery version 0.99.2b. It WILL NOT INSTALL unless you have this version installed (it will error with status 15 or 154.))

  1. Update to the latest sprecovery using this guide if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Download the ROM and place it in /sdcard (the root directory of it)
  3. Reboot into sprecovery and choose “install”
  4. Select “choose ROM from sdcard” and choose .rom.tgz (it’s the first option now in the install menu)
  5. It will prompt you about whether or not to wipe /data. If you are installing over an existing installation of 2.1 or any ROM that is significantly different from stock 2.0.1, say yes. If you are installing over stock 2.0.1, over a previous version of Berzerker’s, birdman’s, or my ROM, you can safely select no.
  6. It will automatically install OVER your existing image and not erase any of your settings! (You might need to resign into Google through the market after.)

(Note: THIS ROM WIPES /SYSTEM, all of it If you have any apps installed into /system (also, if you’ve replaced framework-res.apk) you want to save just in case (apps installed over the market don’t install to /system/app, so you don’t need to worry about them), please back them up before doing so (Also, no need to reroot or anything.)

How to get WiFi Tethering working:

1. Open the Wireless Tethering app from the application list

2. Click Close or Donate, if you wish. It will then say “Binaries and post-installation files installed!”

3. Close the app, it won’t work, so don’t bother trying to enable it yet.

4. Download this tether file, save it to your desktop and rename it to just tether without the .txt part.

5. Rename the file on the phone in /data/data/android.tether/bin/ from tether to tether.orig

6. Push the new tether file you downloaded into /data/data/android.tether/bin/

7. Type the following command into a terminal or a command prompt.

[bash]adb shell chmod 700 /data/data/android.tether/bin/tether /data/data/android.tether/bin/tether.orig[/bash]

That’s it!

Credit also goes to SirPsychoS for his recovery image.

Known Issues:

-Landscape bug in app drawer still exists.

-Weather does not display properly in clock. (It’s in Celsius)

-Picasa syncing only works after wipe/data.

-Gmail syncing may break after installation. (WORKAROUND: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Menu button > Filter > All > Select the “Clear Data” option from BOTH “Gmail” and “Gmail Storage”)

(Instructions on how to root/install sprecovery)


md5sum: 0edd9bda560de79032e289e288f419c8

sha1sum: 80a07af9eb8d8a60e5a0e61393c792e10d50b725

Also, for anyone who needs it, here’s a clean 2.0.1 image with only root + busybox (use backup/restore with this image):


md5sum: d5e24ab97e643a915a00d3a674e00776

sha1sum: bbed9fb36b754128f6e105a70fb488160e133afb

Side-note: If you’re without adb and you’re trying to update your recovery image, you can download the newest .img, use ASTRO to place it in the root /sdcard directory, then use a terminal emulator like ConnectBot, or something else of the like to run:

[bash]$ su
# /data/local/flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-0.99.2b.img[/bash]

(replace ‘/data/local/’ with wherever your copy of flash_image is installed, or if you don’t have a copy, see the SPRecovery installation guide.

Then reboot into recovery mode and you should be good.

If you wish to donate to the cause, you can send anything (it’s all greatly appreciated) to [email protected] (it will be split amongst the devs afterwards).

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