Ubuntu 9.10 – What’s comming up


What’s new in Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10)?

I’ve been running the next version of Ubuntu in a virtual machine to test it and report my findings in an easily read list of things to come. Also, some more in depth information for those who want to know. Along with that I’ve been following the updates mailing list and will be using 9.10 in a VM as if it were my main OS.

Screenshots can be found here: http://tan-com.com/tyler/screenshots/ubuntu-karmic/

After this post, I will be posting updates as they come in weekly. If they are important, however, I will post them the day they come out.

What’s new up in 9.10 as of today: (ordered by personal importance)

  • Updated GDM with a new login screen – includes a session type switching menu and battery meter for laptops. http://tan-com.com/tyler/screenshots/ubuntu-karmic/gdm.png
  • Firefox 3.5!
  • Empathy is used for Instant Messaging instead of Pidgin. The only downside is Empathy can’t combine contacts as far as I can see. http://tan-com.com/tyler/screenshots/ubuntu-karmic/empathy.png
  • New version of ALSA (1.0.20)
  • Kopete has Facebook Chat support.
  • Easy, seamless encryption of home directory is optionally available.
  • Comes with UbuntuOne Sync tool pre-installed.
  • The user switcher has been updated
    • Only contains Account Information, System Settings, Lock Screen, Switch User, and Quit (logout) buttons.
    • System Settings brings up a settings control panel with the contents of the System>Preferences and System>Administration menus.
    • Shutdown buttons were placed back in the System menu.
  • The Accessories sub menu has a Swiss Pocket Knife as it’s icon 😀

What needs to be fixed, added, updated:

  • Nautilus crashes when you view “Computer” or any network folder.
  • New Default theme (the screenshots are of a personally set theme)

Things I haven’t tested, but are in the upcoming release release:

  • New Intel drivers (Accepted)
  • New NVIDIA drivers

Next Release – Alpha 3 on July 23

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