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After easily setting up your Gmail IMAP account in KMail (perhaps using a tutorial like the one featured on Jatecblog) you may wonder how to set up your outgoing SMTP acout too.  After some looking around, I don’t see much of anything on this subject other than people having problems setting it up, so I sat down to figure it and and I believe I have figured it out. Here’s how I went about doing it.

1. First off, open up KMail and go to “Configure KMail” under the Settings menu. This will bring up (as you might have guessed) the settings for KMail.

KMail: Settings  Configure KMail...
KMail: Settings > Configure KMail…

2. Once the settings window opens up, click on “Accounts”. In this section I set “Send messages in outbox folder:” to “On All Mail Checks”. (Note: that is optional).

The Accounts section.
The Accounts section.

3.  Now click on the “Add…” button and a dialouge box comes up. Selece “SMTP” and then click “OK”.

Add > SMTP

4. Now to put in the important information. Under the “General” tab:

  • Name: What ever you want it to be
  • Host:
  • Port: 587
  • Server Requires Authentication: Checked
  • Login: [email protected]
  • Password: your password
  • Store Password: Checked if wanted.
General Settings
General Settings

5. Now, under the “Security” tab you can either click “Check What the Server Supports” or just select “TLS” for encryption and “PLAIN” for the authentication method.

Security Tab
Security Settings

6. Click OK in this window and the main settings window and start sending emails!

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