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Got a couple more pictures! Focusing mainly on black and white images lately.

Weekly Best 5

 I’ve been into long exposures lately… 😀

101 Things to do With the TI-30XS Calculator

A Complete Introduction to the TI-30XS Multi-view Multi-use Calculating Device or 101 Things to do With the TI-30XS Calculator Iron Carpet steamer Hair clip Cell phone Frisbee Throwing star Taser Paddle Inch worm Eraser Book Tongue extension Personal table Date spacer Earring Chew toy Straightening iron Skis Sanitary grabber Rip-off flash drive Pointless solar power Camera Back scratcher Spatula Nun-chucks … Read More

Weekly Best 4

A little late for the post.

Weekly Best 3


Weekly best 2


Weekly best 1

First in my series of weekly pictures. I need several photos for photography class every week so I’m going to post my favorite here every Wednesday.

Into the Depth

A cool wallpaper I made today. If you want a fullsize copy of it, email me.

Fiber Optics Pictures

  I’ve just uploaded a batch of images of some fiber optics stuff. Fun!

Prickly Pear Cactus Photos

  I just uploaded several photos of a prickly pear cactus. I’ll also be uploading several more pictures tonight.